NisshoNissho Inc.



Company name Nissho Inc.
Location ■ Head office
〒 007-0827
3-1-3.Higashikariki 7Jo, Higashi-ku ,Sapporo
TEL. 011-214-0800 (substitution)
FAX. 011-790-1755
Capital ¥ 96,000,000
Officer President&CEO Masaaki Watanabe
Senior Executive Director Miki Ohshita
A director Kinya Yasuda
A director Hayato Watanabe
Auditor Takeo Naka (tax accountant)
Number of employees 260
Business contents Manufacture and sale of aluminum products, including building materials and House Renovation
Affiliate NA Co., Ltd.
Shurakuen Co., Ltd.
Bank Information Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Sapporo Branch - MUFG Bank, Ltd. Sapporo Branch -North Pacific Bank,Ltd Head Office
Main Suppliers Alconix Corporation · Aluminum Co., Ltd. · Kitamura Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. · Sankyo Tateyama Co., Ltd. · Viniframe Industrial Co., Ltd. · Nonillite Metal Co., Ltd. · Honda Metal Industry Co., Ltd. · Yuasa Shoji Co., Ltd. · LlXIL Co., Ltd. · NBC HYNETET CO., LTD. - YKKAP Corporation
Main sales destination Ueno Glass Industry Co., Ltd. · Sankyo Tateyama Co., Ltd. · Tokyo Sekisui Famiyusu Co., Ltd.
HAMAYA Corporation · Musashino Glass Co., Ltd. · LlXIL Co., Ltd.
About 3,000 general dealers

Organization chart



April 1963 Nissho TATEGU Founded
April 1970 Nissho Development Co.,Ltd. Established.
March 1972 Shikoku branch, Shikoku factory established (Hida-cho, Kagawa prefecture)
July 1972 Company name changed to Nissho Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
June 1975 Sapporo branch & Sapporo Factory established
October 1976 Kanazawa branch established
April 1983 Kanto Branch (Saitama) established
March 1984 Company name changed to Nissho Aluminum Industry
March 1986 Tsukuba branch and Tsukuba factory established
April 1990 West of Tokyo branch established
April 1991 Asahikawa branch established
October 1991 Hakodate branch established
March 1995 Kushiro branch established
December 1999 Koriyama branch established
December 2000 Fukuoka branch & Kyushu factory established
March 2002 Sendai branch established
March 2003 Aomori branch established
March 2007 Niigata branch established
March 2009 Obihiro branch, Akita branch established
March 2011 Nagoya branch established
October 2012 Morioka branch established
March 2014 Shonai branch & Yokohama branch established
March 2015 Okinawa branch established
March 2017 Toyama branch established
May 2018 Head Office moved to Sapporo
December 2018 Headquarters Sapporo Branch Sapporo Plant, Completion of new building
March 2020 Tomakomai branch established
March 2020 Company name changed to Nissho Inc.
May 2020 Relocated Fukuoka Branch, Kyushu Plant. Completion of new building
May 2021 Fukui branch established​
March 2022 Tottori branch established​
August 2023 Nagano branch established​
March 2024 Hirosaki branch established​
Relocated Akita Branch. Completion of new building
April 2024 Kitami branch established​