NisshoNissho Inc.



We aim to create better living space,
The philosophy of “Respectful Customer affection goods” is that I kept protecting consistently from the foundation.

Masaaki Watanabe, CEO

Nissho Inc. was founded in 1963 as a company specializing in the processing, sales and construction of aluminium building materials. We have continued to expand steadily while supporting Japan’s rapid post-war economic growth and the boom in home ownership. In the subsequent eras of the bubble economy and its collapse, followed by long-term deflation and the global financial crisis of 2008 and other turbulent times, we have maintained a clear vision to grasp the trends of the times and have responded with a flexible corporate stance, enabling us to achieve multiple successes over more than half a century.

We are a company whose purpose is the creation of better living spaces, and since our establishment, we have consistently maintained the philosophy of “respecting our customers and creating our products with loving care”.

We are trusted by our customers, and we receive their requests. In order to fulfill these demands, we strive to deliver even better products, made with genuine love. We deeply respect our customers, who have supported this company’s growth, and redouble our efforts to serve them. This virtuous circle itself is our motto, “respecting our customers and creating our products with loving care”, which will remain our corporate slogan regardless of the fluctuations of the coming age.

Our vision for the future is to increase the number of branches from the current 26 branches to 30 branches across Japan. Furthermore, with the first step for expanding into Thailand in 2022, we have continued our goal for proceed our business toward expanding sales to Southeast Asian Countries. We believe in the Know-how, achievements and experiences that our company has accumulated for a long time in the snow country will change people’s lives all over the country and around the world.
For this reason, First of all, We have to produce manufacturing and sales base for aluminium building materials products, as insect screens, which are our representative products in Thailand and we will work as a company to dispatch Japan Quality products from Hokkaido to the world.

From now onward, without forgetting our gratitude towards our customers, all our staff will proceed as a team to deliver even higher quality products. We sincerely look forward to your patronage in future.