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Company Profile

Creating a living environment

From Hokkaido in the North, to Okinawa in the South.

Established in 1963, Nissho Inc. has expanded to 24 branches across Japan as a comprehensive manufacturer of home-building materials.
In addition to offering a broad product lineup, centering on aluminium building materials, we also develop and construct our own in-house products. Furthermore, we carry out home renovations, utilizing our achievements in development and construction accumulated over more than half a century since the founding of the company.

Original Product Development

Aluminium is strong, light and flexible.
Making use of these excellent qualities in our home-building materials, Nissho Inc. continues to create comfortable living spaces.

Aluminium, which is part of our company name, is an exceptional material that is light and flexible, durable while also easy to process, and resilient against corrosion. We were quick to notice these properties, and with our flexible ideas – as flexible as aluminium itself – we have developed a wide variety of products so far.

Our popular product the “Eco-Window” (an inner window made from resin), produced in the early 2000s, was developed at a time when the phrase “energy-saving” was first coming into use. We focused our attention on window insulation. The inner window “Eco-Window”, which increases airtightness in order to prevent interior warmth from escaping outside, facilitates energy-saving with its high thermal insulation performance, in addition to demonstrating outstanding anti-condensation, soundproofing and security performance. Furthermore, due to its high construction efficiency – requiring only one hour for installation – a low construction cost has been achieved, leading to the “Eco-Window” becoming an outstandingly successful product within the industry.

Moreover, we have developed products such as “Eco Woody” wooden decking, which combines the texture of natural wood with the durability of resin, in response to customer comments indicating that maintenance and management of wooden decking is troublesome. At the root of such work is our desire to create the most comfortable living spaces possible. We sensitively perceive the changing needs of the times, and respond to them one by one. We consider it our vital mission to deliver products that will always be regularly used favorites, and we work hard at product development on a daily basis.

Aluminium Building Materials Business

We offer ease-of-use that has developed through our experiences of working meticulously on living spaces as professionals with a thorough knowledge of the unique material that is aluminium.

Nissho Inc. has spent more than half a century working with aluminium. We have developed a comprehensive business using light, strong and easy-to-process aluminium building materials, ranging from planning to manufacturing, processing, sales, construction, and follow-up services. We take pride in our status as a group of professionals with a thorough knowledge of aluminium.

Since the company was established, we have manufactured window peripheral items such as aluminium handles, one of Japan’s leading product ranges of insect-proof screen windows and doors, as well as window grates and window railings. We can boast one of Japan’s finest lineups of products that utilize aluminium, including large-scale exterior products such as sunrooms, terraces, balconies, carports and windbreak rooms. In addition, since the user needs for these products vary due to regional climates or characteristics, we have established manufacturing plants in five locations across Japan - Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Osaka, Shikoku and Kyushu - and we have implemented a system for speedy local delivery of products that are customized for each region.

As professionals, we possess reliable knowledge and skills, as well as a detailed system for responding to every kind of situation. Nissho Inc. provides ease-of-use aimed at a variety of construction firms and vendors, as a comprehensive manufacturer of building materials that supports comfortable living spaces. We offer support for the creation of homes across the whole of Japan.

Renovation Business

Improve the functionality of existing homes, to pass on to the next generation.
With a full command of our accumulated knowledge of living spaces, we propose a new kind of “comfortable living”.

As we welcome the 21st century, the trend is moving away from building and then demolishing homes, towards reusing existing buildings without destroying them. The driving force behind this is the renovation industry. At Nissho Inc. too, we utilize our knowledge of the aluminium building materials business, cultivated over more than half a century, to develop our renovation business, which we launched in 1989. While we originally started with our specialist field of aluminium-related renovations such as carports, sunrooms and terraces, we now showcase the expansion of our renovation business to all fields connected to housing, from repairing exterior walls to interior renovation, plumbing, and even new energy domains such as energy-saving boilers.

Home renovation, which targets individual customers, does not consist merely of the sale of products, but is a job where we consider out customers’ future lifestyle and propose a new kind of “comfortable living”. This is why we value opportunities to interact with customers, and host our “Nissho Inc. Home Renovation Fair”, an event for the exhibition and sale of renovation-related products, at locations nationwide. Furthermore, we have installed showrooms at our stores in regional bases across Japan so that our customers can see and touch products in person, and achieve their ideal renovation.

Nissho Inc. was originally founded as a B-to-C (business to consumer) company that delivers our products directly to our customers. Many of our products have been improved through ideas we have gained through dialogue with customers or feedback. We will continue to value customer feedback in order to provide even better styles of living in all regions.